Montag, 14. Juni 2010

My embroidery books

Last year I started embroidery and I love it. Only thing is that I am way too slow. For inspiration and techniques I bought some books:


This was my first embroidery book, which I never used for a long time. It contains cute little designs. Typically Japanese!


As the one above this is very Japanese. The designs are so cute. I love the designs and the ideas what I can use them for.


I think this book contains every stitching technique which exits. Most things are not my thing, but it´s fun to explore all these different possibilities.


In this book you find a lot of ideas what to make with embroidery. Mostly they work with felt. Of course it´s a childrens book, but you can easily use this for other designs. The projects are really easy and quick to make.


I already wrote about this book here: and made one thing more from it. I really enjoy this book and can´t wait to make more.


White work is so beautiful, but I am so bad at it. But you can´t stop me from doing it. The designs in this book are so beautiful, but you have to decide about the stitches by yourself.

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  1. oh my god, don't make me buy more stuff than i already do q_______q some of these look realy promising, ugh. surprisingly enough, i do pretty okay at whitework. but colours on black is kinda not my thing...