Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

What I made in June and plans for July

I was very lazy in June, only at the end I finished some things.

I made the skirt for our summer party at work just in time (read one day before the big event):

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Safari skirt




Summer party was okay. I had to watch the soccer game Germany - Ghana, which was quite boring. We all should wear Safari clothes (like in "Out of Africa") and looked really nice.

Last Friday I made a skirt for the Lolita meet-up at Saturday out of the fabric I got from Bine. It´s the first high-waist Lolita skirt I made and except of some minor mistakes I am quite satisfied. I used a pattern of the Gosu Rori and next time I should use a size smaller.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Valentine skirt



klassikpicknick von Goldkind (66)

And I made the dress for Emily, when she goes to a wedding this weekend. I hope it fits her.


Look at this matching glittery-purple heart button I found in my button glass. *_*


Plans for July:

- finish my embroidered wrap skirt
- bikini bottoms
- blouses
- strawberry bag

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