Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Fox Costume (Simplicity 1351)

Today the little one had his first Fasching (carnival) at kindergarten (he was sick last year and I was lucky, that I did not even think about making a costume, because I was sick the most time too). The decision for a costume was easy. Fortunately for me, the little one had no preferences yet. And when I found Simplicity 1351 the choice was made.

DSC_9745 - Arbeitskopie 2

The pattern was really easy to make. The fabric behaved very well, although it was a bit thick sometimes. The only change I made was to rework the hood, because in the pattern they underline it with a cushion to make the head bigger, but I knew that the little one would not wear this.


I was really glad this morning when the little one changed into the custom without any fuss. He even liked it so much, that he wore it for the way home and till he had to go to bed. What surprised me most, that he also liked to wear the hood and tried to put it on himself. He was such a cute little fox today!

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