Sonntag, 12. April 2015

Easter Bunnies


I hope you had a nice Easter weekend. We sure had fun, even if the weather was not perfect and again we could not hide easter eggs in the garden. I was a very busy Easter bunny this year and hid over 20 eggs, some real, some plastic. In some of these eggs were these cute little Easter bunnies I knit. The pattern is by Anna Hrachovec from Mochimochi Land. You can find it for free here.


Because these bunnies are so tiny they are a bit fiddly to make, but at least they are quick. The wool I used was not ideal. It is a cotton wool and a bit slippery. I made seven for friends and family and of course one to stay with us (who was almost eaten by the little one, poor bunny). They sure were fun to make and to give.

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  1. The bunnies are so cute, I have never tried to make anything like this, I don't have enough patience!

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