Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

Two Baprons

As the little one eats solids for quite some time now, we are always in need of some cute bibs. We are lucky, that he mostly is a very tidy eater and spits out food seldom. On many days the bib is clean after eating, but you can't bet on this. And there are other opportunities to smear clothes with stains, so bibs are always welcome. And I found this awesome baby apron aka bapron pattern and had to make some. The sewing was really really easy and fast and I am already thinking about making more (maybe in the bigger size, because the little one grows fast). I made these out of some cotton fabrics I had in my stash and made a second layer out of cotton jersey. I am pleased with the outcome. They look really cute and fit perfectly. So here they are, my two baprons:



Frog and bear were nice enough to model for me. I think the frog really likes his Star Wars bapron as he was not so eager about giving it back.

So two new bibs for the little one, but as he goes to kindergarten we always seem to be short on these. Time to make more! What a luck, that these are great stash busters.

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