Samstag, 2. August 2014

Stephanie Plum Novels


Okay, I admit I watched the movie before I read the novels. And it did take some time to start on the novels.

I started to read these when I was still pregnant and it were the first books I finished when the little one was already born. I read book two and three while breastfeeding the first weeks (the Kindle is great for breastfeeding). I enjoyed all three very much. It is the kind of light read I really need right now. At the moment the only thing I want is fast and light entertainment and a bit of non-baby-related stuff.

The main character Stephanie Plum is likable and by far not perfect. Which I appreciate. I really don't care about characters who are pretty, know everything and are good at everything (also called Mary Sue). Of course this is no serious literature, but it is clever enough to be worth reading. If you like detective novels, maybe you should give them a try (but don't expect Sherlock Holmes).

The novels where entertaining enough that I think about reading some more of the books.

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