Sonntag, 3. August 2014

Foxy Dress (New Look 6262)

Fox Dress

After a disastrous last year where I sewed almost nothing and most of it was a failure I finally are back on track. I found a pattern that I really like, New Look 6262. I already owned some dresses of this kind which are store-bought and are worn constantly (at least before I got pregnant). So I thought maybe I should make more of this kind, because I already know I wear these kind of dresses. Because if I am honest I did make a lot of dresses that are too fancy or uncomfortable for everyday wear. And it is a great pattern to show of all these special prints I so adore. This resulted in three of these dresses already sewn and at least three more are planned (means, already bought the fabric for these).

But on to the foxes. I bought the little one this great fox from Walnut Animal Society, then knitted him a fox hat and then thought how much fun it would be when I had a matching fox dress. So I searched for fabric and stumbled upon this gorgeous fox print.

The dress was really easy to make and very fast, too. I tried to be accurate and even hand stitched the facings down. Only the zipper is not even, but I really had no desire to fix this. I really like this dress, it is only a tad too long for my taste. I did make the other ones 5 cm shorter. But overall I like it and can't wait to wear it in the fall.


Dress - made by me
Belt - vintage
Shoes - Just Fab
Flower - H&M
Gloves - vintage

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