Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

Another kind of Blog Hop

Sorry, that this comes a bit late. I was not in blogging mode the last few weeks. But finally here is my post for the blog hop. I was tagged by Teresa from DaisiesforViolet.

The idea is to answer some questions and then tag three other bloggers to answer them too. So here we go:


What are you working on?

Too much. There are way too many things I started, working on actively or want to make. And there are not only sewing projects. Right now I am really into knitting and my queue on Ravelry is really long. At the moment I am knitting a cardigan and it is my first one and I am really really scared.

Then there is my new photo album for all the photos of the little one. I got the photos this week and now they lie here and want to be put into the album. And I fear the little one will be no big help with this. He thinks it is awful when Mama does not want to play with him 24 hours a day.

There are a tons of letters waiting to be answered. I am really sorry for my pen pals, because they get an answer after six or more months. One letter is in Russian. I am not sure if I manage to answer this in Russian or if I have to go with this in English (I don't think she will mind, but I started this to improve my Russian so it would be a shame).

I have a lot of ideas for blog posts, but don't get around to write them. I even have photos for some of them. I really don't know what hinders me than my own laziness.

And please don't get me started on my sewing and embroidery. I think I have more UFOs here than I can remember. Which does not hinder me to start new projects or buy new fabrics. Oops!

But all in all it could be worse. Even with the little one I got around to make some things which are waiting to be shown on the blog.

And I finished a book last weekend.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

Because I work mostly from patterns I do not differ such a lot from others. Maybe I differ a bit from all the whole-time-crafters that I study and have a job and crafting is only a hobby for me. That is mostly the reason I don't want to work on my own patterns. I simply want something done and not be a master in anything. It should be fun to make and a nice result. That is all I am asking for.

Why do you write/create what you do?

Because it's fun to make something with my hands. And it is a nice change from all the work on the computer. In our modern world we rely too much on computers and technic. We can buy practically everything. So it is nice to make something by myself. I don't do this to save money (buying oftentimes is cheaper) or have a unique item. But simply because I enjoy the process and like the result.


How does your writing/creating process work?

Mostly it starts with a tutorial/pattern I find online and simply have to make. Sometimes I need something specific and search for a pattern. Pinterest is my big weakness. There are so many great ideas floating around. I could browse the site for hours.
Sometimes with knitting I search for projects I can handle but also where I can learn something new. You can't knit scarves all the time!
I am easily inspired. Which is a real problem. Sometimes I have to stop myself to not start another time consuming craft. Especially when I have free time (like right now) it is tempting to start something new. But when I then work again and have lessons everything lies here started and I grow frustrated.

To spread this blog hop a bit, I want to hand it over to some German bloggers:

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