Montag, 28. Mai 2012



I recently discovered Bento Boxes again. And bought two new books and supplies.


I already owned the Kawaii Bento Boxes Book. It has a lot of tips to make cute faces and so on. I think I would not make one of the recipes, but it´s nice to get some ideas. And it has also ideas to make a more western bento. Some complained that the recipes are not very healthy, but I think all in all it´s healthier than the stuff I could buy around my workplace.


The Yum Yum Bento Box book is the same style as Kawaii Bento Boxes. There are a lot of animals, faces, cute things and so on. More aimed at kids bento. But I really like to look through the books just for fun.


The Just Bento Cookbook is more aimed to adults. There are some really nice ideas and recipes for different lunches. The author also has a great blog with the same title. I think I will try some things from this book. And even if I make my own recipes the book provides ideas for packing the bento.


And here are the supplies I bought. It´s all cute stuff. I already tested the sandwich cutters, but they did not work with my bread. Maybe I can soon test the others.


And finally my first bento box I made for a long time. It were all leftovers of our dinner. And I have to say, the box with the rice looks tiny, but it was so much. Next time I have to fill only half of the box.


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