Sonntag, 22. April 2012

Jamie Oliver


I promised a review about the two cookbooks I got for Easter. They are both by Jamie Oliver. To be honest only a short while ago I always said I never want to have one of his books. I saw the his show when it was new in Germany. I really liked how he cooked, but could never imagine to make the recipes myself. This changed when some weeks ago my boyfriend watched one of his shows and everything was so different than I remembered. Easy recipes and not the normal half bottle of olive oil.


So I read some reviews at Amazon and decided on these two books to wish for Easter. And after I looked them through I was delighted. There were a lot of reciped I liked and they all sounded as if I could make them (I am a noob in the kitchen, hope to change that).


This was the menu I fell in love with

This week we tested the first recipe and it was delicious. It came not out as wanted but that is not Jamie´s fault, because we had no time to make it properly (we went to the cinema this evening to see "Iron Sky", really nice movie). Next week I will try my hands at some more things from the books. Maybe if I remember I will take pictures and post them here.

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