Montag, 7. November 2011

A Sunday with Dracula

Yesterday we had a Lolita meet-up here at Halle. We wanted to go to the opera to see the musical "Dracula". I was at the premiere of this play, but I couldn´t miss the chance to see some people again. It was a long time I didn´t go to a meet-up.

But before we went to the opera we were a the "Stadtgottesacker" a really old graveyard. It was so beautiful there with all the colorful leaves. I think I could have stayed there for hours and hours taking pictures. Here are some of my favorites:





I did not wear something very special lolita, because I am not in the fashion so much anymore and I wanted something comfortable for the opera. Here is what I wore:



It was fun to meet all the other lolitas. I am glad I was there. The musical was quite okay, I enjoyed it more than the first time. After the opera we were at the Wok Bar. It was a very nice afternoon and evening.

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