Montag, 28. November 2011

Embroidery Patterns - Wild Olive

I am really into embroidery right now. I have so many plans (hopefully i have enough time for all of them). And I stumbled at a very cute shop at etsy:

Her designs are so adorable. My first project are some christmas motives I want to use as an advent calendar. I really like Pdf-embroidery patterns. They are affordable and you can print them again and again.

Mollie even has a very nice blog with a lot of free patterns and how-tos.

I am sorry, that this is such a short post, but I am still a bit ill (it caught me on Saturday and I am happy I was able to go to work today) and I left my camera with all the photos at my boyfriends home. Hopefully I can post my graveyard photos this week. Last week I was so busy with such a lot of things.

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