Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

I sewed pants

The new Colette Clover pattern got me. I saw some great examples online and had to try my hands on it.
I wanted something colorful, so I bought a bright yellow cotton stretch.
Sewing was not complicated. I made no pockets, because I wanted it simple and don´t thought them necessary. I had some fitting issues. I know I should have made a muslin, but as it was only a try I skipped this. Or you can see this version as my muslin.
Unfortunately I don´t think this is really my style. First I am no pants type. I am really comfortable with my skirts and feel strange in pants. If pants I like them wide. Second I don´t think they look good on me. Maybe it´s only because it´s so unusal for me, but somehow I think I look better in wearing skirts or dresses.
What do you think pants or skirts for me?


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