Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Autumn Weekend

I spent the long weekend (it´s holiday today in Germany) at my parent´s home. It was such a nice weather, all sunny and warm. We were at a wild animal park and I had the opportunity to test my birthday present (I know it´s a bit early for presents, but my parents wanted to test it): a Nikon D5100. This camera is great. I can´t wait to try it out. And it was so much fun to take pictures with it. So here are some:


This was a real lucky shot, because I only wanted to photograph the flowers and then there was this butterfly and I really got it.


I think the colors in this picture are great.


It was a bit difficult to take pictures of the squirrels, because they were in a cage and they moved all the time. But I like this photo.


Me, having fun with my new camera. (taken by my Dad)


And a good shot of my outfit. I sewed this dress of a 50s pattern. When it was finished I realized that the bodice was to long. So I shortened it. But I was a bit to optimistic and now the bodice is too short. With the belt it is okay and wearable though. And all this after I was so careful with the sewing. (photo also taken by my Dad)

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