Montag, 13. Juni 2011

Vintage Patterns: The 60s


McCall's 5507 - Already made this, but was not very satisfied. It didn´t fit right and all in all it was not my style. Maybe if I am a bit older.

Butterick 3079 - I could imagine this in a light fabric for summer. Hope to make this soon.

Simplicity 3949 - Again a maternity pattern. I think this is so cute and you can wear it even if you are not pregnant.

Butterick 4699 - Made this already and I have to say it looks not so good in real. Maybe I can rock this with a belt. Want to try this soon.

Simplicity 8144 - My first vintage pattern I bought some years ago and never made. It´s cute and I could imagine to wear this, but somehow at the moment I am not very excited about it.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Ich wusste nicht, dass du Dr. Parnassus mochtest, alle anderen fanden es so la-la, während ich total begeistert war. (Und du musst mir nicht erzählen, dass du Alice magst :D)

    Und ich muss unbedingt mehr nähen... Ich brauch mehr Schnittmuster, die blöden Butterick-Dinger sind ja unbrauchbar geworden. Jemand sollte Karstadt erzählen, dass sie Mist verkaufen ><