Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Online shopping

I was a bad girl and did a bit of online shopping. And of course there are some patterns.


Can´t wait for the 40s dress from Vogue to come. Maybe I will buy fabric for it tomorrow. The Wearing History pattern was just too cute. And I think I can adapt this into a blouse and maybe a dress as well. The Patrones is a special summer issue. I hope I can find some nice dress patterns there. The 70s pattern I want to use for a ballet leotard with matching skirt and maybe some shirts.

And I ordered two metres of real silk fabric to make some cute undergarments. I am really a bad girl.

I am not so much in a sewing mood right now. Maybe it is the weather. One day it is too hot the other when the sun is not shining I am somewhat lazy. I am so sorry for that. And this with all the ideas in my mind.

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