Montag, 31. Januar 2011

What I made in January

- Circle skirt

I was not happy with this when it was finished, but now that I wore it I am in love. I discovered a matching petticoat in my closet and it was so much fun to wear it. It´s a bit different to Lolita skirts. Now I can´t wait to make more vintage clothing.


(Oh and as you can see I had a date with the hair dresser. My hair is now much shorter, but I like it and hope to have more time for new ways to style it.)

- I made the petticoat for my Rococo garment

- Chemise is also ready

- Made some christmas gifts, but still not everything is finished

Plans for February:

- 1960 dress
- Simplicity dress (fabric is already cut)
- Crepe by Colette
- Regency stays
- Regency dress
- Rococo stays
- Lady Grey
- Shirt(s)


  1. oh, you gorgeous woman. this looks fabulous! <3

  2. I love this skirt - it's fabulous! What fabric did you use? The drape looks lovely. And with your Pendrell ... I'm lost for words!