Montag, 24. Januar 2011

New books

I ordered some new craft books recently and wanted to share my opinion of them.

Vampire Knits

First is a knitting book. I really don´t know why I buy knitting books, when I don´t actually knit, but the theme of this book sounded really cool. It´s all about Twilight and other vampire stories.
The projects are overall really appealing. If I could knit I would make at least half of the projects. There are a lot of scarves and other accessoiry, but you also find a cardigan and a sweater (for boys).
Maybe my Grandma can make me some things.

Sewing calendar 2011

Although it is called day-to-day calendar there are no projects for every day of the year. All in all it´s over 100 sewing projects for 2 or 3 days. The ones I´ve seen so far (no cheeting, sometimes I love surprises) were interesting, so far nothing I really want to make, but nothing really creepy.
The projects are printed on paper, which I didn´t expect. I thought it would be heavier paper. The pages come in a box, which is not very good made. I am not sure if it will survive the year. Also you can´t store the papers in the box afterwards.
All in all it is a great idea. For the price it is okay.

Vintage Notions

Not really a sewing book, it´s something to look at and enjoy on (rainy) days.
The author collected articles from the 1920s about fashion, cooking, sewing and so on. I can´t wait to read all of them. But alone for the illustrations it was worth the money. If you are in vintage fashion this is a book for you.

Witch Craft

I love this book. There are so many cute projects in it. And it´s all about my favorite holiday. There are almost no practical things, but cute decoration and jewelry. I hope I can make a lot of the projects. Especially I like the food things, because they are easy to make (I am no godess in the kitchen and especially not with English recipes). Oh, and of course I love the ruby slippers.

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