Montag, 22. Februar 2010

Colette Patterns

Last week I discovered an interesting pattern company. Colette Patterns have mostly 40s and 50s inspired patterns. I couldn´t resist to order some, but it was very difficult to decide which. In the end I ordered the Chantilly and Ceylon dress patterns. Did I mention that their patterns have really cute names. The new ones are named after teas.

Colette patterns also have a blog and there I found a pattern for this cute bloomers.

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Madeleine bloomers


It was really easy to make these. I changed the pattern a bit. The fabric I got at Ikea. It was some kind of fabric rescue project, because the original thing, I wanted to make didn´t work out. This was a really nice weekend project. Now I can´t wait for my dress patterns.

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