Sonntag, 17. Juli 2016

New Simplicity Patterns

The new pattern collection by Simplicity is a real let down. There is not one pattern I want to buy. I mean they are not all horrible, but even overall they are a bit meh. And I am really disappointed that there are no new vintage patterns.


This wedding dress is a bit too simple in my opinion. I mean, I have nothing against simple wedding dresses, but you could take any dress pattern and make a wedding dress out of it. For this I don't need this pattern. And I hate shoulder free tops. But I have to say the strap design is really nice.

The new Dottie Angel pattern reminds me a lot of the aprons my Grandmother wears. Although I have to say I like it better than the last one. And the fabrics on the cover are really nice.

Doctor Who seems to be a huge topic at Simplicity. I have one of their releases from last year (the one with the corset and long skirt). I am not really sold on this design. I like the idea, but for my taste it is not costume-y enough. I would not identify the Dalek right away. The dress design is nice and would make a cute vintage inspired frock.

To be honest I think this is ugliest Doctor Who pattern I ever saw. Maybe it is only the photo, but I saw some much more nicer female Doctor versions on the internet. And I am a bit tired of the Simplicity formula corset top + skirt/trousers + maybe a bolero jacket = female version of anything nerdy.
I have no dog and I am not a huge dog fan either, but somehow I think these are cute, especially the one with the fez.

Again the corset and skirt formula. The styling on the cover is horrible. What is it with the red hair? I fear the storm trooper would be unrecognizable as a costume. And again I saw a lot of better versions on the internet.

simplicity-costumes-pattern-8197-envelope-front simplicity-costumes-pattern-8196-envelope-front simplicity-costumes-pattern-8185-envelope-front
The DC Bombshell patterns are cute. I especially like Wonder Woman. At least I can identify the characters. Maybe it would be possible to use the pattern to make some vintage inspired pieces.

This pattern is cute, but I bet you could find a tutorial for free somewhere. Or simply make it yourself.

simplicity-costumes-pattern-8236-envelope-front simplicity-costumes-pattern-8195-envelope-front

These two are my favorite patterns from the new collection. I like that they are true costume patterns and no strange versions of well-known characters. I really would like to dress up my boyfriend as Joker.

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