Montag, 23. März 2015

Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt

This year I participated in the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt organized by Fab. First here is, what I sent out to janeonthemove:


I made a little photo tour and then put together a little scrapbook about Halle. Of course I had to make a postal kit. For something old-fashioned I remodeled a notebook and for something quirky I send her a donut necklace from Lucky Dip Club. And because she wrote that she will be Mom soon I got her a cherry pit cushion as a gift. And for something monogrammed I made her this floral letter, inspired by  The Postman's Knock:


I am very proud of this and if it was not for the tutorial I would never have thought I could make this.

Last week I got the package from my secret pen pal, Luus, and what should I say, it was amazing. First I have to show you the beautiful envelope:


Isn't it beautiful? And here is what was inside:






I was so happy. But the best gift were the wooden shoes, because they reminded me of my trip to the Netherlands with my grandparents when I was a child. They bought me such a magnet but in red. I really have to search for it and put these together on my fridge. Thank you so, so much, Luus!

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