Freitag, 2. Januar 2015

Happy New Year

If anybody still reads my blog, I wish you all a happy new year. This year I am really looking forward to the new year.

I am very sorry that I did not write an entry for this long. Life just got in my way. First the little one got a lot more active and I had to watch him more and more. He is now trying to stand while holding on to everything he can reach. It is so cute. He is such an active little guy and wants to discover everything. Only his toys he finds somehow boring, because he prefers to play with our stuff (preferably my smartphone, he likes to chew on it). In October he started kindergarten, so that I could continue my studies. I had hoped this would leave me some time for blogging and all the other stuff, but I did not count in all the illnesses he would bring home. I had a flu now three times in three months and some other health problems (I fear due to being to energetic after the flu). I tried to at least finish all the necessary stuff, but this was not blogging.

Taking photos was also difficult when you have a baby at home. And my outfits were more on the practical side, too. I even have three dresses and some new vintage items I did not show you, which I hope to do soon.

But there were also some really good moments the last months. I am happy each day that the little one is making good progress. He laughs so much and it is amazing to see his development. Babies change such a lot in such a short time. I can't believe that soon one year is over. But I am also looking forward to planning a party.

I discovered snail mailing again. I always had some pen pals for at least ten years, but this year I started to look for new ones. Now I have a lot of letters to answer and I feel a bit bad, it does take me so long, but it is also fun to write and receive letters. I am also researching calligraphy and lettering after seeing a lot of great pictures. And in November I participated in Snail Mail My Email, which was hard work, but also much fun.

Last year I fell in love with Doctor Who. Together with my boyfriend I watched almost all of the new seasons and we have now great insider jokes.

In September we were on holiday at the Baltic Sea. It was a great week and I felt so good be away from home after being at home so long. Really I was so happy when university started in October and I got out of the house. I think, I could never be a stay at home Mom. It is such not who I am. I love my little boy, but I need something else in my life too.

So, this were some updates on my life. We had a nice christmas only a bit shadowed by the flu and a good start into 2015. And now I am looking forward to the next twelve months being a Mom, reading, writing letters, crafting and hopefully sharing about all of this on this blog.

All the best wishes to you!

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