Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Instax Share


May I present to you my new toy, the Instax Share Printer. I already told you about my Instax Mini 8 camera, but as soon as I saw this in a preview I knew I had to have it. But I had to wait almost two months to get my hands on this. And I love it!

Bild 22.05.14 um 13.50

The Instax printer let you print photos you have on your phone onto the Instax Mini films. So you get a cute polaroid style photo from a picture on your phone. This idea is so cute.
The printing functions with an app. It is all very easy and fast.

Bild 22.05.14 um 13.48

I used the printer so far for pictures for my cookbook and to give photos of the little one to friends and family. The great thing is, I can even take pictures with my DSLR and then transfer them to my phone. The picture quality is not great, but that is not the point. This is something to have fun. You could use the printer also for scrapbooking or on holidays (which I plan to do, which means, yeah we go on holidays this year, I am so excited!).

The printer is not cheap and the films are neither. This is a great tool for Instax fans. Especially if you already have an Instax Mini you already have the films at home. I love it and don't regret buying it. It is so much fun to have photos physically in just a few seconds.

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