Freitag, 25. April 2014

In the hospital ... again

I am sorry for the lack of posts, but the last weeks were a bit exhausting, especially for my nerves. The little one still has neonatal jaundice (Neugeborenengelbsucht). The doctor sent us to the hospital two weeks ago, but they sent us away, because it could come from my breast milk. Last week our midwife suggested to pause breast feeding and afterwards the little one looked really better. But of course the doctor wants to know exactly so she sent us to hospital again.

I am all for searching for a cause of the jaundice, but why do We have to stay in hospital? I could give him the bottle at home. I hope after these days it is finally settled and we can have some calm weeks. Right now I am really pissed off by doctors and hospitals, especially because nobody tells you anything. I had to ask how long we make a breast feeding pause and all the other details. And I hate it that my little one is not with me, but on the other end of the ward.

Wish me luck that this will be all over soon!

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  1. You have my sympathy!! It sounds very stressful for you. :-(

    When my children were born (many years ago ;-)), each came down with neonatal jaundice. Each time the treatment back then was to go to the hospital, where the baby spent several days, under special lights that removed the jaundice. They never had me stay in the hospital though. Nor did anyone ever suggest breast milk could cause it.

    I hope you and baby are back on a healthy track together soon!