Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

A secret and a project

I am sorry for the lack of posts the last few months, but beside from a lot of work, exams and a very old and slow laptop I had another thing that kept me occupied. My not so little secret anymore is due in March next year and will most likely be male, which means, yes, I am pregnant. 

I can't wait till March. It's all so exciting. Of course I am a bit nervous about being a Mom, but mostly I am happy.

So with christmas coming and to get back into blogging I want to post here each day till christmas. I have some ideas, but we will see. 

And I want to post a photo each day at my Instagram. So here is the first one, blue candy apples at the christmas market. No, I did not buy one, but was treated to candy cotton by my boyfriend (the rest of which you can see in the photo above).

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