Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Late Christmas Photos


I hope you all had a good start into the new year. So I know I am really late, but I want to show you my christmas outfit nonetheless. I promise I try to blog more often this year (on a weekly schedule at least). But on to the dress:


I made this dress from a pattern from Gertie's great book. I don't like the shoulder straps so much. They are supposed to sit on the edge, but I am no great fan of this. But otherwise I really like the pattern and it fits well.

The christmas fabric I bought at ebay. It is vintage probably from the 50s. The green one I had already at home.

I had a bit of fun with the christmas tree. It's unfortunately not mine. My flat is not big enough for one.


Hopefully read you soon. I will really try.


Outfit rundown

dress ~ selfmade, (Gertie' new book for better sewing - Wintertime Jumper)
blouse ~ Metamorphose
shoes, brooch, earrings ~ vintage from etsy

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