Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

1930s pants

I finished these pants already in October. Unfortunately the photos I got did not turn out very well. But I want to show them to you nonetheless.

The pattern is from Wearing History, the Smoth Sailing1930s Sport Togs. I saw them on a lot of vintage blogs and it were some of the only pants I really liked. It was the second Wearing History pattern I sewed.

The fabric is a blue jeans stretch. It´s really nice and soft. Working with it was fabulous. The pattern was also great. Everthing went together very easy. I was between two sizes, but decided on the bigger one, but the pants fit so well. I really love them. I wore them a lot in October and November with tights under them. This was so cozy. But I can´t wait to wear them in Spring and Summer with some nice blouses.


I also plan to make these maybe in a nice white/cream cotton for summer.

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