Freitag, 30. November 2012

Review: Everything Oz


 I bought this awesome book some while ago, but finally made some things out of it. I already made a review for their first book "Everything Alice", which I really liked, but I have to admit, despite not liking the Wizard of Oz so much (neither the book nor the 30s movie) I love this book. They did such a great job translating the motives into very nice projects. And there are also some projects that are a bit more useable, like a poppy t-shirt or a bath towel for kids. The book contains not only craft projects but also recipes. The themed cupcakes are great.


And because I had the book, the shoes, the right dress and of course the dog I had to make some photos. I made the apron and the shoes from the book. The shoes were pink and I got them cheap at ebay. Working with the hot glue was not so nice, it almost killed my fingers. But I really like the outcome and like it much more than the glitter option (and it´s a lot tidier).

The apron is a great way to use up leftovers. It was a bit difficult to find fabrics that matched, but I think in the end it works. I only regret that I made it to wrap in the back and not in the front. I think maybe I should have invested a bit more time to make the straps longer.


Oh, and here is the dress on its own. I made it already last year, always waiting for an opportunity to make some photos. So finally I managed it. I used the Simplicity 4136 for it. Sewing was a bit more complex, but it was a nice pattern to use.


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