Freitag, 13. Juli 2012


What I wanted to buy:


What I did not plan to buy:


It is so long ago I visited my local fabric store, but the sales lady remebered me. We had a nice chat. And of course I couldn´t go without some new fabric. Fortunately they were on sale. I paid only 20 bucks for all this. Our local fabric store has almost always some fabrics on sale and often I find some nice ones, I would never have bought for the original price.

On the one hand I don´t want to buy fabric I have no plan for, but on the other I envy those people who can sew all from their stash. How nice it is if you don´t have to hunt for the perfect fabric everywhere but only look through your stash and find something that fits the bill. Not that I don´t have enough fabric already here, but it´s mostly left-overs that are not enough for a whole project.

So I don´t regret my purchase. The black fabric will hopefully make a nice 40s dress or blouse and the other one a pencil skirt and maybe a matching jacket.

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