Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

Review: 18th Century Embroidery


I really love 18th century embroidery. I once saw some of it in an exhibition and it is amazing. I can hardly believe that someone made this all by hand. It´s so beautiful and neat. So of course I had to have this book about 18th century embroidery.


It´s no real how-to book. The author explains the different techniques that they used and talks about the history. In each chapter are sample garments with graphics. There are not so many photos, but the diagrams are also nice. I would not say, that you can embroider like an expert after reading this book, but it´s quite interesting to read about the techniques and how different methods where then.


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  1. I love embroidery too and such books are fascinating. The skill and artistry put into the embroidery is so impressive.