Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Review: Bust DIY Guide to Life


Today I got the Bust DIY Guide to Life and after I read a lot of great reviews about it I was really excited.

I have to say, maybe I expected a bit to much. I am not as thrilled as I hoped. But overall it is a great book. It covers not only craft tutorials but also general topics like cooking, repairing, cleaning and so on. Some of the tips are not helpful if you live outside of the US, but I think a lot of the topics are for everyone. I just browsed through the pages, but already found some interesting things.

What I don´t like about this book, maybe other people will like. I am not the person for home decoration (or at least not right now), simply because I don´t have the space and already own a lot of decoration things (some I got as gifts or that mean something to me). But they have some great ideas in this book. I really liked the shelves made out of books.
The other topics I am not interested in were how to buy a house and how to start a business. I am not planning on doing on of this in the future, so these are not for me. But that does not mean that these articles are not helpful for people who are planning such things.

I liked the hair and make-up tips, the recipes and that some things are great gift ideas.

I don´t know if this is a must-have, but I like this book so far and hopefully I can get some inspiration out of it. I really appreciate all the work that went into this book and I am sure I will browse through it very often.

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