Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Review: Nähen mit Cath Kidston (Sew!)


I visited the book store a while ago. No good idea! At the craft section I discovered this book by Cath Kidston. I saw it before at Amazon, but never wanted to buy it, because it seemed too simple. But the beautiful photos and some cute sewing ideas caught me.

The 40 projects in this books are mostly simple. It´s all for the house or for use, no clothing. But sometimes I need something simple to make and to use up scraps.

I really like the fabrics they used and the photos. It has a very vintage feeling.

There are some projects I really want to make, my favorite the Magic shopping bag. I think this could be useful for my weekly shopping. Many projects would also make wonderful gifts.

Overall I am satisfied with this book. It´s good for inspiration. The price was okay, nothing super cheap, but affordable.

Book at
Book at

Now I should stop buying sewing related stuff. I think I bought 15 or so sewing patterns the last month and also some books and magazines. If I had the time to really use them, it would be okay, but so I feel bad for spending such a lot of money (but I will love the things nevertheless). Will show you some of my darlings when they arrived. Can´t wait to show you my vintage patterns.

I am already planning for Me-Made-March. I think this time it will be more fun than last September. Wish I had the time to sew some more new things. But I was a good child last week when I had free and finished some things, for example the Lady Grey Coat.

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