Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Review: Burda Plastic Tracing Sheets

I decided to test the Burda Plastic Tracing Sheets when my tracing paper was all used. So I thought I write a little review.


- you can see trough it

sometimes with lines in colors it was a bit difficult to see them trough the paper, with the plastic sheets it´s no problem

- holds longer

the paper had tears really fast, the plastic holds even if you fold or crush it and you can store it easier


- you need a permanent marker to draw

not a big con, but maybe some don´t like this

- it´s a bit slippery

sometimes it´s difficult to hold it in place, but it was difficult with the paper to, all in all in this point I like the plastic more

- costs more

I think I will buy the plastic in the future. It´s nice if patterns hold a while.

Christmas presents are in work. First batch is finished. Hope to get something done today. I am a bit ill, which does not help.

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