Montag, 16. August 2010


Here are some of the fabric shops I use:

They have many cute fabrics and the prices are okay. Only thing I only hate is their bad communication. It´s not to much to inform me under a week if a fabric is not available.

Good fabric, great prices. Not many patterned fabrics.

So many cute fabrics. Prices are normal. I can´t go there too often, because there are so many fabrics I want.

I think they have the biggest assortment of fabrics I know. And such a lot of cute printed fabrics. Prices are good, but shipping is a bit expensive.

What fabric stores do you know?

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  1. is a valuable source if you know what kind of fabric or type of pattern your are looking for. you can get some awesome fabrics for rather cheap :3 but it's not cool if you are just browsing around with not particular idea in mind.
    this shop does, of course, offer a huge range of silks, but other fabrics at good prices as well. it's just a pain to browse :/

    i also like this one:
    they have so many different patterns and prices are quite okay. they sell mostly quilting fabrics.