Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

Book review: Sew Retro


This new book by Judi Ketteler presents a history of sewing from the late 19th century to today. Each chapter is about a certain time period with a lot of information about sewing trends in this time. And you get 25 sewing projects inspired by the different time periods.

Layout: This book has so many retro pictures, it´s really eye candy. And I love the spiral binding. The chapters are clearly marked and the design is not hurting your eyes. The book has nice colors and photos, where you can see what you are about to make.

Sewing projects: The projects are mostly not new, but in sight that this is no "only sewing" book it is okay. I think I will make some of them, because there are nice projects to use left over fabric (and I have a lot of this). Only thing is, that most projects are not so specially retro, I think you would find them in other sewing books too. Maybe it´s because they are so simple and with all this retro movement going on.

Overall: I love the concept of this book. You get a lot of information about history and sewing projects. If the projects were more about clothing I would like it more, but it´s okay. I don´t regret buying this book.

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