Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Making jewelry

To celebrate my earholes I am all into jewelry making at the moment. And to give me some inspirations I bought some (ok, ok a lot of) books. And here are some reviews:

Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Cover-Button jewelry


A big disappointment. It´s nothing new. If you browse at etsy you find enough inspiration to make you own button jewelry. Only the ideas to use glass beads is a bit creative.

Stitched jewels


The book itself is great. Great creative ideas and great photos, but it´s not my style. This book and the jewelry is more a piece of art. But I am sure I can use some techniques.

Fabric jewelry


I don´t know yet how to use it, but the ideas are great. It´s mainly about making beads out of fabric. Great way to use some fabric scraps.

The naughty secretary club


This is my favorite. It´s really my kind of style, kitschy and big. XD I hope to make something from this.

No real jewelry book, but really cute:

Old-Fashioned Ribbon art


There are no real how-tos, but it´s very good for inspiration. You could use these ribbon art for all kind of things, brooches, fascinators, shoe clips and so on.

Oh, and I already made something:

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Goldfish earrings


Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Star earrings


Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Star necklace


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